Missing Man’s Defriending On Facebook

Not really news but still friggin funny…. since the mysterious disappearance of wealthy  businessman Herman Rockefeller earlier this week, he has suddenly gotten 21 new friends on Facebook. But the thing is, someone has defriended two of them. Prior to his disappearance he only had one friend on the social networking site. No word on who if anyone else has access to his Facebook passwords. This just gets stranger by the minute.


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13 responses to “Missing Man’s Defriending On Facebook

  1. Julie

    Lil ol’ moi is starting to be thinking that this man disappeared because he wanted to! (Just a leetle hunch).

  2. God Damn it! I freaking knew my friend count was down. After I read this I checked, and it sure enough was him. He can count me out of his ransom/fraud/embezzlement scheme now.

  3. Damn, that’s cold. Simply disappear and then start de-friending people. Talk about adding insult to injury.

  4. Julie

    Just went and logged in on FB. There’s a page set up now called “where on earth is Herman Rockefeller”. On the page the family states their belief that the person ‘accepting’ friends on his FB page is someone else.

    I have one question : “How did they get his password?” Unless, of course, they knew him very well!

  5. hisqueen

    it’s the wife..for sure..I have access to all my hubby’s stuff..including all passwords to accounts. I could ruin him in a heart beat if he makes me mad enough.
    or maybe the mistress…hmmm..you just never know

  6. You know you’ve reached the big time when you’ve been defriended.

  7. Susi Spice

    i still as he was taken the by the devil because he had a pact with the devil in order to become rich. Now its the devil who has the password to facebook and making more friends

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