Sounds a Likely Story

Well alrighty then. A pilot, who was arrested on Australia day for taking photos of a naked 3 year old boy being changed by his parents, told the court all he was trying to do was prove a point to his wife. Glenn Anthony Armstrong said he was obsessed with circumcision and  wanted to prove to her more boys were uncircumcised than circumcised. Hmm, so that will explain why there were 10 photos (50 originally reported ) of naked boys allegedly found on his camera then!

Psst Hmm, so now he has proven it to the wife, all he has to do is explain it to his kids!

UPDATE Mr Armstrong pleaded guilty to breach of privacy and was placed on a three year good behavior bond and given a $5,000 fine. Lawyers for the pilot argued Mr Armstrong has a psychological disorder  which makes him obsessed with circumcision but which is not of a sexual nature.


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36 responses to “Sounds a Likely Story

  1. The Celtic Queen

    OOOH but I think he might be lol No girls photos in the camera? Yep probably a creepy pedophile but now they have to prove it. Doesn’t it bother you when people show just a tad too much interest in all things relating to “Sex” Creeps me out !

    • Funny, last night at the fireworks a little boy no older than two was playing near me without any pants on. I was sitting on the foreshore wall feeding some swans with a chuck of bread and turned around and came face to face with his willy. God knows where his parents were, I just gave him a piece of bread and prayed the swans didn’t mistake it for a worm.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    What is it will about parents who let their kids wander with no nappies or underpants. Do they think it’s cool or hip because I think it’s off. Put some undies on them as your never know who’s lurking around. Apart from that they could poop or pee near me and I don’t want to pick it up. It’s bad enough cleaning up after Tillie. Good God people look out for your children.

  3. Jekel

    Who cares about kids genitals? Please. It’s just body parts. Since we make such a big deal out of them being ‘out’, its no wonder children turn into peadophile adults.

    I think you should all get lives!

    Long live no undies : )

    • Hmm, I don’t think people become pedophiles because they weren’t allowed to walk around naked as kids. There is a time and a place for children to walk around naked, and out and about in a large crowd is not one of them. I don’t think you would be too happy if someone was snapping away at your child’s penis or vagina! Times are a changin 🙂

  4. gypsygirl

    Just wanted to make everyone aware of the major concern here and that is this man has children that are both old enough to have to read all this garbage. No one likes to think of men taking pictures of naked boys as it undoubtedly conjures up evil images of pediphiles, but as it stands right now today, he has not been convicted and that is what courts are for. People need to get a grip on what they are writing as this must be brutal for his children who are having to deal with the shit storm that has arisen in their lives. I know these kids first hand and they are nice well balanced children so please think before you post!

    • Firstly, Mr Armstrong should have thought about that his kids before snapping away. Secondly, this is a valid topic of debate, whether he is guilty or innocent. The issue isn’t about him, the issue is about what is acceptable in our society. If you had read the comments you would have noticed the discussion is not about him but about issues of children in general.

      Sure, he may have innocently been taking photos to prove a point, but where do you draw the line. Surely he knows (having children himself) how strict even schools are about taking photos at sporting events.

      • The Celtic Queen

        To Gypsygirl and Jekyl , take photos of my kid’s genitals and I’ll personally knock you out and ask questions later. The courts will also be deciding what to do with me because I’ll be the judge of what is best for my kids, circumcised or not, you still won’t be taking photos . Mr Armstrong should have considered what his family’s reaction might have been, not the general public. Considering that you say they are old enough to read this, I hope they do. They certainly won’t take pictures of kid’s genitals. I hope the other 50 photos of naked boys prove a point, yep he has a big problem.
        He obviously wasn’t too worried about his own reputation either.
        When you are out in public there’s a certain way one should conduct oneself..i.e act like decent human being and do not take happy snaps of other kid’s genitals fullstop. Walking around with no undies Jekyl ? Do what you like as long as you w ear something as I for one don’t want to see you bits either.

        God how were you people brought up?

      • gypsygirl

        Yes I agree he should have thought about his family first, and the famillies he was snapping away. I am a parent first of boys that have been in close contact with this family and yes knee jerk instinct of course is the well being of my children as I was very uncomfortable with this story when it broke and has definately changed my view on this man. I was raised properly…
        My point was his two boys and the shit they now have to deal with on all levels. School kids, people in general associating them with their father. I feel for the kids was all I was saying and people need to understand that because they are at an older age and can read blogs posted about their family we need to be sensitive to the kids. I am sure there world is being ripped in a million directions to no fault of their own doing. Celtic Queen assume for one minute that your husband had been caught and possibly made up the worst excuse “as its called in the beginning of the blog” and you and your kids are sitting home in another city and you hear this. This could very well be the worst excuse and you are labelled in the story. So with saying that you have now become the general public.
        I am in no way condoning this behaviour I am just saying there our innocent kids involved on all sides the ones being photographed and the ones related to the accused and they are all victims in this story.

      • Thanks for coming back Gypsy Girl and discussing the matter further. I appreciate what you have to say about the man’s children. Unfortunately regardless of whether blogs discuss the story, the story was and will remain archived on news websites. It also appeared on every TV news station around Australia. It would be whole different matter if a I wrote about an incident which wasn’t public knowledge.
        Sadly, even if the story hadn’t been mentioned in the media, those children will be subject to the stigma associated with it. Communities can’t keep that kind of thing under wraps.
        I hope, for his children and his wife’s sake it was all just an innocent and stupid mistake.

  5. gypsygirl

    Thank you, I agree with all you wrote.

    • Hi Gypsie Girl, thanks . The best we can do is openly discuss these types of stories. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I often say the growth is not in the black or the white but in the grey areas. I remember about 10 years ago, I was in Amsterdam and they were promoting a photo exhibition for an art gallery. There were billboards everywhere featuring a naked girl about 6 years of age in a pair of boots. I took a photograph of it, which I still have, because I was amazed they could display it. If that image was found on my camera today I could quite easily be charged with child porn.
      Unfortunately in today’s society we no longer can be as liberal in attitudes. My parents wouldn’t have turned a hair if someone took a photo of me naked at the beach when I was a toddler, in fact they would have probably been flattered.
      Heavy sigh!!!

  6. The Celtic Queen

    Loon this site is the least of their worries. Suddenly when the shit hits the fan people worry about the innocents. Well that’s the price you have to pay sometimes and yes whilst it’s sad it’s very much a fact of life. They have a stupid father and the parents of the kids he took photos of need to be ever vigilant.
    If this was my husband and had taken the shots of naked boys I’d be questioning his motives myself. Come on we are all adults and this is not normal behaviour. ( although the arty farties of this world will say it is) As World Media has covered this story he only has himself to blame and I sure hope there isn’t anything else on his home computer that he shouldn’t have.
    This story’s not sitting too well with me.

    • Yep, one photo OK, 50 ?????
      Blahahaha Ann, I must say I fall occasionally into the arty farty world. If I saw a child playing naked and say it was backlit, I might be tempted to take a photo. Hmm, however focusing on genitals ????
      When I was filming in remote parts of Asia often the village children were running around naked.
      Blahahahaaha, we had real trouble in Italy finding an area of beach to film where there were no naked people.

  7. The Celtic Queen

    I have photos of my kids playing outside in summer with no undies on. The hose is running ( we had water then) and they were having a great old time but,,,,,, these are MY photos of MY children. No close ups of genitals just kids with bare bums. Beautiful family snaps. I guess you can go nude anywhere if that’s what floats your boat but don’t get caught photographing. genitals. In Italy you could end up in concrete boots. Now how funny are you gonna look nude with concrete boots, I ask you?

  8. The Celtic Queen

    Don’t worry we’ll glue you with superglue lol

  9. gypsygirl

    I love the fact that we are all entitled to our opinions and yes the world we live in has certainly changed since I was a youngster or shall I say the way the world is viewed. The major differences between now and then is the media coverage. When I was young I was on my bike and gone from sun up till supper and that was because I was forced to come home and eat. We are now in a world of petrified parents so afraid to let their children out of their site for fear some molester will grab them up and take them. Now I know this happens in the real world but it happened back then as well, the media has just scared the shit out of people so badly that the kids are the ones affected with lack of freedom to just be a kid.
    Now once again as I do have some sort of hands up in this blog as I do know the family we need to remember the media tends to blow things up to make a story that will generate public outrage or interest or grab attention and then use the word ALLEGEDLY…a lot of times in the story so they can really never be held accountable for misrepresenting the facts, so think for a minute is it 50 pictures really?
    Again, I have children and I do in no way condone men taking pictures of boys genitals but until the whole story unfolds and the truth is dicovered on either side I will just wait and see without judging too harshly because as it has been said no matter what the outcome is stigma sticks.

  10. The Celtic Queen

    Gypsygirl the world HAS changed, not just how we perceive it and thank God for the media who highlight it and put it out there for the world to see. In our day parents had their eyes wide shut . However today parents are so much more aware of what is out there and I admire their vigilance. You being a newie to this blog wouldn’t know but my sister were molested by a school mate’s grandfather. I wish my parents had been more vigilant as that old sod may have gone to jail for his crimes. Who else did be try it with? It certainly made me watch out for mine.
    He knew it was wrong. He’s the adult. Don’t trivialise in any way what he did because we are all responsible for our ‘actions’. If he gets away with it he’ll have learned a very valuable lesson and “mud sticks”.

  11. gypsygirl

    As I am new to this blog you don’t know me either, I in no way am trivialising anything, I have years of experience with the worst of the worst, I was a rape crisis counsellor in vancouver for 6 years and trust me I know first hand all about skum molesters and what happens. I will tell you a little bit about sitting through countless court cases with victims of assault, courts victimize victims to the point that most won’t follow through the process and if the case goes through to the end , the result is usually another slap in the face for victims.
    Please do not say I am making light of this.
    It just is not the case.
    My original post was neither her not there about the man it was regarding the kids. I a strong advocate for children and any type of abuse, be it verbal, physical or sexual. I do not condone any of it.

    • Here, here Gypsy Girl, children should always come first.

      • The Celtic Queen

        If I was his wife I’d be taking more interest in what appears to be an odd pastime or an unhealthy approach to his views on circumcision. I mean, was he just comparing each boy’s penis, how DO you explain what he was doing? So supposing it wasn’t 50 and it was let’s say just 20 photos of naked boys.. I don’t think I’ve seen 20 on display anywhere unless I really go looking . I’m just saying. Anywho, the prosecuting lawyer will do his best to be gentle with him, NOT, so by comparison this blog is
        the least of anyone’s worry. The best is yet to come. Yes I agree it’s all about the children.

  12. gypsygirl

    Just thank god you are not his wife and this is not happening to you and your children. I cannot explain his thinking only he can and we will all hear what is said through media in february when this comes out again.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Well, if I was his wife he would have taken ONE photo and showed it to me and it would have been the last one he took. Then perhaps all of them would not be going though this. Tough love can be a blessing. Believe me I’d have put him in myself.

  13. Tali B-D

    hey people -as it happens i know the man personally. I live in a different country and our dads are close family friends. My point is, i know this man and i know him not to be capable of doing this with sinister intentions. This is a complete misunderstanding and all u fuckers can do is sit here and chirp: oh ya hes prob an old creep…oh ya hes prob some fucking perve u fucking morons dont understand what u r doing. Please remember that the key word in all ur allegations is :probably and seems like and appears to be…..u dont realise that wen u sit there merrily typing away at ur computers making up such utter bullshit, this man’s life is being ruined. THIS IS A MISUNDERSTANDING U FUCKS!!!! do any of u know him personally? NO! Do you know the true story? know what happened? know if there is an alternative? an explanation? NO NO NO NO NO NO AND NO. He has lost everything, job, house everything and all u arrogant fucks can do is spit out allegations that u cant back up. you have absolutely no proof that he is any more guilty than he is innocent. words are poision, these comments, media wars…it ruins lives…..and u better hope to god there is never a misunderstanding like this with your dad, your uncle, your brother. IT HAPPENS!!!
    \but i guess u fuckers are above it all hey….ya no worries this cud never happen to YOU to YOUR families but continue throwing out poisonous comments and adding insult to injury.
    get ur facts straight, stop speculating, stop judging like u own the mother-fucking judicial system, stop talking about him like u were right there as the fucking incident happened and stop commenting with untrue, hypocritical and waterless assumptions as if u the biggest fucking saints that ever walked planet earth. To those of u hu think its kewl to help destroy a good man, i hope u go to hell, i hope this comes back to bite u in the fucking ass.

    • Go sell crazy somewhere else!

    • Susi Spice

      Tali B-D he had photos of 50 boys naked boys on his camera phone…. this is not normal.

      You have a severe case of denial.

      so sad. the man is a creep and yes if he was innocent then there would be no problem but there IS a problem in taking and keeping photos of naked boys on your cell phone.


  14. The Celtic Queen

    If he was my fcuking friend I’d kill him myself for being for being so fucking stupid. I agree Susi they are all in denial. He’s a creep and there are other ways of proving his circumcision query. Older men photographing little boy’s bits isn’t acceptable obviously, as has been proved by the parents of this child. I’d never let him photograph my kids. There are certain types of people who don’t mind but search them out first and don’t just take the liberty of snapping away. There are consequences for such actions. He’s now feeling them. He won’t do it again.

  15. Tali B-D

    yes susi spice i 100% agree 50 other photos wud be a huge prob but what u dnt understand is hw the media distory the facts. He is a photographer…always has been…he stood up in court and said he has at least 50 other photos of kids with their families….there were NO 50 other sexual photos and every other photo on his camera and pc were cleared.
    the media distorts the facts beyond wat u can imagine!!

  16. Tali B-D


  17. The Celtic Queen

    Never mind 50, one photo of my son’s genitals would have been enough to bring action against him. You’re not getting it mate. YOU DON”T JUST HAPPY SNAP LITTLE BOYS PENISES TO PROVE A POINT TO YOUR WIFE!!!
    I don’t care if he is a photographer or not. More reason to go about it the right way. His career ‘s over regardless.

  18. Cargodogs

    @ Celtic Queen:

    “His career’s over regardless”. Is that what you want? I also know the guy personally, and I know him to be a gentleman and genuinely great with kids (my own son included). His career is not photography, although it has been a passion of his for many years and also a way to fund education. I am a pilot/photographer, and yes, it’s a humongously stupid thing to do, and knowing him, I am absolutely sure that he regrets this push of the shutter button every single day – not because he got caught, but because he too realizes how big a mistake it was. Long story short: If the judicial system finds foul play, it shouldn’t be cause to destroy the man’s life, but it should ensure that it never happens again – something which I’m sure it won’t.

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