Zorro Envy

Nothing like a suicidal, sword wielding man to get the heart rate pumping. It all started when police were called to a Boston apartment and tried to enter. While the cops were pounding the door, the man inside jumped through a closed third-floor window, bounced off an awning, slammed into the ground and ran off. Ta-da. Back up was called and some 20 cops chased after him . At some stage he spun around and drew a sword then charged the police shouting “Shoot me! Kill me!”. Hats off to the police, who restrained from pulling triggers while Sgt. Thomas Teahan snuck up from behind and tackled him.


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8 responses to “Zorro Envy

  1. Last time I tried that it didn’t turn out well.

  2. Sure it wasn’t Jackie Chan practicing some stunts for an upcoming movie?

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Oh in Aus they just shoot you. Our cops don’t take too kindly to being run at with knives or shot at either. In fact they are undergoing training presently on how to deal with the mental cases who have been doing this of late. By the way Loon a sighting of Mr Herman Rockefellar tonight near Kynton and his car was found near Ballan. It was reported that an ‘ Unkempt man was seem wandering along the Old Calder highway”. It looked a lot like Herman. I think it may have just been an unkempt man Lol.

  4. Julie

    Over here, the guys death wish would certainly have been granted … our cops dont do the rugby tackle thing!

  5. Jumping off of anything with a sword in your hand doesn’t seem like the best idea. But then again, neither does rushing towards armed police with said sword yelling, “Shoot me, what a you retahded? This sword is wicked sharp ya bettah kill me ya douchebags!”

    Sorry, I can never resist doing a Boston accent.

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