Living Next Door To A Psycho

A New York woman who owned her own employment agency has had her organs ripped out because she refused to find her psycho neighbor a job. Geez, tough crowd. Prior to the incident Qian Wu had to take out 9 protection orders against Huang Chen after he decided to wage a bitter war against her. On Tuesday it is alleged Mr Chen attacked Ms Wu with a knife, ripping out her lungs and heart before fleeing. He later changed his bloody clothes and then toddled off to the hospital to have the gashes on his leg and arm seen to. Oh and to make up a convenient story about being attacked during a home invasion. God bless surveillance video.

Psst The organs have yet to be found.


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8 responses to “Living Next Door To A Psycho

  1. Julie

    By the time they got to Protection Order No. 2 he should’ve been in a padded cell already!

  2. Wtf??

    Where are the stories about cute puppies and rainbows and girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, FL?

  3. Are you sure he wasn’t going to bootleg the organs? I hear that’s been going on a lot in NY these days.

  4. I guess he finally got a job… making license plates for a LONG, long time.

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