101 Uses For Duct Tape


WTF, a woman in Beatrice, Nebraska has been arrested on child abuse charges after she duct taped, yes duct taped, her 22 month baby to a wall. Jayla Hamm (17) also used a digital camera to take photos of the screaming child as he was being taped to it. Hmm, nice for the awkward family photo album. Ms Hamm also told police she often put the child in an unlit coat closet .


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26 responses to “101 Uses For Duct Tape

  1. You should really have to get a license before becoming a parent… just sayin’…

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Oh God I hate to even read stuff like that. Ok give me the baby and I’ll look after it. What do kids do to deserve this kind of treatment? She’s her mother WTF is wrong with her? That poor little baby. Actually she’s probably better off without her. It’s just so sad.

  3. This is exactly why I stay out of the Bible belt. And corn belt. And Deep South. And Home Depot.

  4. Julie

    “Ms Hamm also told police she often put the child in an unlit coat closet .”

    Almost sounds like she’s proud of herself …. stupid, arrogant, dumbass, idiotic, pathetic excuse for a human! Grrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Hello, is there anyone there?

    Can anyone hear me ??

    Friggin cold (and lonely) in this pissin’ spam filter !

    What way’s this to treat your mates, loon ?

    Jeez, least you could do is leave a couple of bottles down here, and some munchies, and a flat-screen HD TV would be nice, and a pool table and darts board if there’s bugger all worth watching on the TV, oh and some pole dancers (nearly forgot them!). Really, loon, you must let me refit this spam filter of yours – it’s so lacking in basic amenities.

    O.K. can you let me out now. I’m freezing my nuts off in here !!! 😳

    Loon, are you there ???

    Anybody ??? 😦

  6. The Celtic Queen

    Gees where’s Susi tonight? She must have gone to bed early.

  7. The Celtic Queen

    But you’re out now lol

  8. Oh it gets better:

    “The mother stated to police that her and Honea’s actions were for their own entertainment.

    The mother, whose name has not been released because she is a minor, further admitted that the child is regularly placed inside a coat closet with no light and the bi-fold style door blocked to keep the child from exiting.

    She also stated that they were most likely under the influence of marijuana at the time, citing that they use it often in the house. Two homemade smoking devices were found in the house.”

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