Assisted Suicide or Murder?

Believe it or not. Prosecutors in a Manhattan court case say their client Kenneth Minor did not murder Long Island motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker, but was simply holding the knife while he ran into it seven times. Oh yes, new information has come to light, including Mr Locker’s financial woes, the purchase of life insurance policies and “recent computer searches concerning funeral arrangements”. They claim Mr Locker paid a complete stranger to help him with an “assisted suicide” because he was in financial ruin. Strange thing is,they may just buy it, the case has been adjourned so everyone , including the judge can review and research the information further.


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5 responses to “Assisted Suicide or Murder?

  1. That’s how I’d choose to do myself in… by having someone hold a knife so I can run into it repeatedly.

  2. I once saw a forensic postmortem of a suicide where the dead one had laid on a industrial band saw, set it whirring, cut half way into his skull, reversed up as still alive then tried again with terminal results.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    He must have bled like a gladiator. EWH!

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