Westboro Baptist Try Their Hand At Pop

OMG, the Westboro Baptist Church has made a abomination parody on Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. This isn’t going to end well. I hope Lady Gaga sues their asses off for copyright infringement, they are nasty freaks. Oh and for the hell list, that’s Fred Phelps granddaughter, Megan Phelps-Roper, singing.

Psst Shouldn’t they be going to hell for singing pop music? So hypercritical to be using mediums they abhor. I’m just saying is all!


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6 responses to “Westboro Baptist Try Their Hand At Pop

  1. Think god is going to have some words.

  2. As John McEnroe would say, “You can NOT be serious?” These people are way, way out there even for the fundie freaks. Frankly, I’m not sure they aren’t just doing it for the attention or publicity…..or …..I have no freakin idea.

  3. American Idol reject. She’s not good enough to go pro as a singer. Oh, I think she could be fairly hot if you gave her a makeover and a touch of plastic surgery here and there, but anyone can look hot if they put some money and effort into it. Bottom line: she’s not going to attract enough of the attention she wants, but she’s going to attract enough to make her want more, which will lead her to perform more acts of depravity similar to this one. Maybe next time she’ll do an Ozzy parody – that would be more impressive. I mean, if you’re going to bitch about evil singers, you might as well pick one who claims to be evil, and not just one who identifies as a bisexual nymphomaniac.

  4. Thank God (hehe) they put the words on there. I now need to play that a million times and make up a super cool dance routine. Best. Song. Ever. lol

  5. If any of those morons ever actually got laid, they might change their tune. I couldn’t finish it, but then I couldn’t listen to Gaga either, so no great loss.

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