Jesus Appears On A Coconut

The things you find in Paradise

Another Jesus sighting people, this time on a coconut in the produce section of a local grocery story in Paradise, Sacramento. Mike Zachweija said he went shopping for bananas a few days before Christmas but became distracted by a bunch of coconuts. On one of the nuts he clearly saw a silhouette of a face. He decided to buy the coconut and on Christmas day with the light falling on the face realized it was that of Jesus. Mr Zachweija said “Jesus sent out his own Christmas card greeting by way of a simple coconut.”


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7 responses to “Jesus Appears On A Coconut

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Bullshit that looks like Jammers lol

  2. Blahahaaha I thought it was Ernest Hemmingway !

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Nah it’s really Jesus lol

  4. Tony

    I’ll be darned??? Hail oh coconut thou art blessed…

  5. Philip

    Unfortunately, it turns out that it’s Judas.

  6. Very, Very cool, month of December, Blessed gift.
    Just think when he comes back with his Angels
    and Army, for finale judgment. the world should
    get it together soon.

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