Friggin Shoe Thief

Lordie, lordie, lordie, a man in Delaware has been arrested for stealing shoes. OK, not just a few shoes, several thousands of the suckers. Walter Rubincon of Newark mainly targeted student housing during vacation times. His downfall came when he was spotted driving away in his yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse after dumping three bags of them in a creek. When police came a knocking they were shocked to discover friggin three truckloads worth of shoes and other stolen bits and pieces. But on the bright side they all seem to be in pairs.


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8 responses to “Friggin Shoe Thief

  1. I could understand if they were new, and ‘fell off a truck’ but who in the hell would buy used shoes? Unless it was some kind of shoe fetish….on crack.

  2. Tony

    What a dumb jerk. He shoulda chucked them up on the roof, the cops would never have looked up there

  3. Susi Spice

    i wouldve found it more entertaining if he had tied the laces together and had gone around throwing them over powerlines all over the city haha

  4. RUMOURS of Tony’s death are greatly exaggerated.

    Was he just out collecting shoes?

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