Stop Vegetable Abuse

Friggin dill pickle!

Well I’ll be, seems some Texans have got themselves in a pickle over a cucumber billboard. What appears to be an innocent billboard ad was actually put up by Condoms to Go and Sara’s Secret who both sell adult sex toys and the like.The whole “stop vegetable abuse” is aimed at tying to get people to use alternative devices besides vegetables and fruit.
Wanna see their TV commercial?


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2 responses to “Stop Vegetable Abuse

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Loon where is this coming from today? lol Poor cucumber. When I worked for Text Publishing before texting was even invented we had a writer who wrote a book on all the vegetables she literally felt in the supermarket and how turned on she was by the feel of them. The whole book was about this topic. We all got a copy of it and I think I still have it somewhere. Her fist name was Linda. I’ll have a look for it. It takes all kinds !! One weird looking chick too.

  2. Hilarious commercial… freaky, but hilarious! Quick! Hide under the pizza!

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