Pain In The Neck

OMG, Julia Popova from Moscow was a victim of a mugging but what she didn’t realize was that after the attack she had a knife stuck in her neck. Julia  walked calmly home after the incident not realizing blood was gushing down her back and a kitchen knife was protruding from just above her shoulders, right near her spinal cord. It was only when her horrified parents went WTF did she realize something was up. She was rushed to hospital where surgeons were able to successfully remove the kitchen utensil.


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8 responses to “Pain In The Neck

  1. great testament to the analgesic properties of vodka 😉

  2. Jen

    I’d like to act all high and mighty that I might notice something like a kitchen knife protruding from my neck but you see this kind of stuff all the time and people don’t notice it. Adrenaline or something I guess.

  3. Did her parents say,

    “Julia, popova to casualty and get that knife shifted from your back.”?

  4. G

    Reminds me of those PSA’s where the person has their head on fire and they say, “oh it’s nothing to worry about. can I see a menu?”

  5. this sounds like what horror movies are made of!

  6. The Celtic Queen

    Oh those mad Ruskies.

  7. Lily Fossil

    Dear Friggin Loon,

    just popping by… nice place you have here!

    Those crazy Ruskies are tough as old boots. Maybe if it had been an 8′ tomato stake it would’ve been more noticeable?


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