Epic Melon Fail!

OK dumbasses, if you plan to smuggle drugs and tobacco into a jail, don’t be using no oversize cantaloupe with a noticeable friggin cut around the top! Fail people, fail! Yes, police are currently looking for the fool/fools who hollowed out the melon , filled it with an assortment of goodies ( including oxycodone pills) and then tried to get it past authorities and into the waiting arms of inmates in a Washington jail. Officers said the melon looked like a pumpkin and pretty much stuck out like dog’s you know whats…


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, How Could We Get It So Wrong?, Whoops!

6 responses to “Epic Melon Fail!

  1. I assume they’re being charged with smuggling, possession and fruit abuse, so maybe they should have done it the old way and stuffed the drugs up their ass instead. Sometimes the old ways are best. Stinky though.

  2. Jen

    I love when criminals do stupid things like this, or are simply related to dumbasses. It make it much easier to justify their stay and treatment.

  3. missopinion

    bahhaaa LOL

    might have been a better disguise if they had carved a scary face out of it “its a halloween meloN!”

  4. Julie

    It’s in the genes …

  5. The Celtic Queen

    Police are currently looking for them, WHAT !!!!! you mean they let them out after the canteloupe exercise? You mean they didn’t grab them there and then whilst being caught red handed? . Shit what hope do we have folks? I’m surprise they didn’t take their mate with them.

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