Never Punk Your Mom

Blahahaaha it's meeee....

OK, here’s the thing people, if you decide to play a prank on your mom, make sure she isn’t armed. A 21 year old man from Milwaukee thought it would be a hoot to scare his mom, so he donned a ski mask and pretended to rob her. Boo! Hmm, she whipped out her .357 revolver faster than you could say WTF and  opened fire. The son was hit twice by bullets with one hitting him right in the groin. Bye-bye grandkids.


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5 responses to “Never Punk Your Mom

  1. If he’s an only son, and she’s past menopause, then it was a Double-Darwin award! Maybe they have a video of it they can send in to one of those idiot shows. Might win some money! (and pay for the nudicals).

  2. I think deep down she knew it was him!

  3. thats sad ….thats y i don’t prank or frighten people ..not cool

  4. Horrible, sad and then freakishly weird – who thinks attempting to rob your mom is funny?

    • The Celtic Queen

      Mr Mills is going to be seriously pissed with this guy scaring his mother of all people like that. It could leave her scarred as it did him. Lol Serves him right, wanker ! well maybe not now.

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