Anthrax Laced Heroin

OK, so I'll just have to quit using

OK remember a few months back I mentioned Scotland was having a little problem with anthrax in their heroin and I said not to worry? Well you might want to change that to WTF. Nine deaths later British authorities are warning its heading to London. Gee, who needs terrorists. Authorities are asking that all heroin users cease taking the drug until further notice.Good luck with that!  Anywho, what happened to the policy of natural selection?


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6 responses to “Anthrax Laced Heroin

  1. The Celtic Queen

    So once again no sympathy for my fellow Celts and if that’s the road they choose, anthrax / heroin so be it. . I hear from the relis that things are bad drug wise even in our smallish village.
    Your body’s your temple, worship it or
    accept the consequences.
    Everything that has become acceptable through the course of time is now proving that people like myself who live a decent life, love my neighbour, don’t do drugs, ok so I like a champers now and again but that’s not gonna kill me unless maybe it’s spiked but hey I drink it at home only. So when you get into all that other shit, take what you get. After all being Celts their mammies would have warned them no tae take it and did they listen ? Naw!

  2. But if you’re sure your heroin is anthrax free, go right ahead and use it! WTF?

  3. addicere77

    Antrax won’t stop a junkie from being a junkie. Nothing will stop a junkie other than death or some crazed idea that stopping will return him or her to some being that lives above the surface of the subterranean pit that is dope life. During the last six months of dope I couldn’t have gotten my dick to work with electric shock but I kept going. The great and and ugly thing about heroin is that it makes nothing, absolutely nothing matter. A screaming child registers at the same dim level as the drone of a T.V. playing Good Morning America. Dope makes everything seem of equal value, which is to say no value at all. Theres a kind of Zen unfeeling that registers as bliss. The possibilty of death means nothing to a junkie, they know its only the final nod. Very scary shit when I think about it now.

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