NYPD Blues

Anthony Chiofalo an ex NYPD detective who was sacked in 2006 after failing a drug test now claims his wife spiked his meatballs with marijuana so he would lose his job. It was a good try but the state appeals court didn’t buy it, nor did the people who tested his hair sample. The results revealed  high levels of pot inconsistent with levels which would come from spiked pasta. There’s 22 years in the police force down the drain…or should I say pipe !


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4 responses to “NYPD Blues

  1. The Celtic Queen

    What about perjury? I’m surprised he’s walking the streets. You’d think being in the force he’s have known about all that sort of testing. Dumass cop!

  2. Ah, New York’s finest… brought down by meatballs! Likely story!

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