Fear Factor

You have no idea how henpecked I am

Oh for goodness sakes man, how scared of your wife are you? Timothy Ray Sutton from Tennessee  told police he lied about being robbed because he didn’t want his  wife to know he gave $5 to a homeless man. Sheez, lucky you aren’t friggin Tiger then you would have something to sweat over!! Mr Sutton made a statement to police that he had been mugged while in a parking lot, but it was all crap, there was no robber or a weapon, just a guy scared of his wife. Now the poor bugger has been charged with making a false police report all for friggin 5 bucks!


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, I'm Just Saying !, Thanks For Nothing, Whoops!

2 responses to “Fear Factor

  1. Please never let me be with someone to whom I have to explain every cent I spend!

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Now sad is that?

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