Never Get A Woman To Do A Man’s Job

Oh for goodness sakes lady, if you are going to hold up two Memphis credit unions you are going to have to learn to communicate a whole lot better than that. Some thin, short black or Hispanic woman dressed in dark clothing with a bright red scarf,  failed twice in her attempts to rob the banks. The first attempt failed because the teller couldn’t understand a word she said and when pushed to repeat herself she threw her a hold up note and fled. Next stop another credit union. This time the woman decided to keep her mouth shut which only helped draw attention to herself. After being asked several times by a teller if she needed help she fumbled around in her purse, handed over a note and pulled out a gun. Exit teller and exit lady, who tripped as she ran outside, dropping her gun and no doubt grazing her knees before fleeing in her car.Shame,  I am guessing that’s the last time they’ll be hearing from her…. dumbass.


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11 responses to “Never Get A Woman To Do A Man’s Job

  1. The Celtic Queen

    What an embarrassment to her gender.!

    • The Celtic Queen

      Yeah Dunc. a Hispanic blonde ~ short and dark . Doh ! ~ really ah men !!! Blonde brain maybe.

      • Susi Spice

        actually celtic… there are plenty of hispanic chicks to dye their hair blonde… its so wrong. lol
        i hate it. usually they do it because hispanic men like blondes… u know.. the old theory you always want what you dont have. so in order to attract men, the hispanic chicks theorise that, they dye their hair blonde it will make them look lighter in skin colour.

        i stay brown… it looks ridiculous when dark women dye their hair blonde lol

      • The Celtic Queen

        Susi I worked with a ‘Soledad’ and I downloaded the song Soledad that Westlife sang lol. She had the thickest most coarse head of hair I’ve ever seen. I think bleach would have bounced off it. A very hot chick if I might say so myself..

  2. God even the criminals are incompetent now. WTF is up with this generation. If you’re going to rob a bank, put your whole heart into it for god’s sake! What a sad state of affairs.

  3. lol…..She’s just an amateur

  4. Idiot. Last time I ask her to do me a favor.

  5. Some people just weren’t born for a life of crime. Which is exactly why I took bank robber off my list of potential careers. I’m sure I’d end up like this woman.

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