Pot Calling The Kettle

Barclays have asked their research analysts to quit using the acronym for the five European countries Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain in their notes. Hmm, seems they have an issue with using PIIGS when referring to the five fiscally f***ed nations.


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7 responses to “Pot Calling The Kettle

  1. PIIGS is a bit harsh. I’d call them tourism whores. When the wealthy johns of England can no longer afford to travel because of the global recession, and your government is 30% (if not more) corrupt like it is in Spain, the whores will suffer….

  2. Add a B for britland and you’ve got BIPIGS!

  3. They could call them GIIPS

  4. I kinda like EuroPIIGS… it has a nice ring to it.

  5. Seems fairly appropriate.

    Don’t pigs go….

    Oh! I‘ve No Kash.

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