Tesco Health and Safety Policies

First it was no bare feet, then it was no pjs now shock horror, Tesco have banned parents from carrying their kids on their shoulders. Martin Dunkley was told to take his daughter off his shoulders before entering the store because of health and safety reasons. He declined and went elsewhere to shop.Is this really a story or just a slow news day? Anywho, you have been warned, Tesco are tough. Geez, next they will be banning shopping trolley races in the car park!


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6 responses to “Tesco Health and Safety Policies

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Yeah it cold get like Ikea ~ NOT PAST THAT BLUE FRIGGIN LINE lol

  2. Julie

    Tesco appear to be on a mission to see how many customers they can lose.

  3. They haven’t rumbled me yet 😆

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