Friggin Internet Connection

I am still alive but have NO FRIGGIN INTERNET  #@$%^&*(). Can someone please explain to me how you can receive technical support from someone in INDIA? I have now gatecrashed a friend’s computer so should have some crap to say soon! #$%^&*()

FU Bigfrigginpond

UPDATE I spent over an hour with some stranger in a strange land trying to get the answer to just one simple question ” Is there is a problem with internet connections in my area ?”  I have had this problem a few times before and each time it has been a friggin problem in the area.  Will they listen? No! Will they tell you there is a problem in the area? No!  Do they friggin care? Obviously not because I spent the whole morning going around in circles with some invisible voice in a country, far, far away.  I had to check my modem 20 friggin times  and unplug it (despite all the friggin lights being green), then I had to change my friggin password  3 friggin times (WTF for?????) . Hello, my internet was working perfectly fine when I toddled off to bed, so unless some  friggin internet fairy was f***ing with my modem in the wee hours, I would conclude THAT AINT THE PROBLEM! In the end I was continually put on hold while Mr Monotone voice went off in search of a solution.  I hung up.

Psst Oh and surprise , surprise, it was a friggin problem in the area!


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13 responses to “Friggin Internet Connection

  1. Lynn

    ooohh…sucks to be a friggin’ loon today! hope your cyber troubles are up and working soon.

  2. Susi Spice

    why are you with bigpond at all? seriously, they suck

  3. I have Optus wireless broadband. I think it’s the same service as the big cesspool you’re stuck with.

  4. Oink…I too am with the big friggin” ‘pond. yep, talk about crappy support…they put you hold…for ever….and ever…and ever…and ever…and ever…and ever…and then when they answer…they put you on hold AGAIN for ever…and ever…and ever…seriously, …repeat 27 times.

    Last time this happened I finally got some little Indian dude to put me on to his supervisor…I then made the supervisor take some dictation…I told her to write down the fact that i had been put on hold for ever, and ever and ever and ever and give the note to her boss….probably had zero effect…but at least it made me feel better…oink

    • The Celtic Queen

      I’m like that but the thing is , they’ re so in control of themselves you can’t get mad with them. I got my new phone today and was on a plan before but lost the phone. I rang up and said to the young Indian girl that I’d lost my phone and she said, ” Oh I’m really very sorry to hear that, it’s such a bother because to\you have to rekey all the numbers back in and on SHE went for ever and ever and ever and ever and friggin ever but she was really very sweet. I had to go over to the Telstra shop in Sunshine today and lo and behold I got this really top looking Indian guy. I swear he was god , but little ‘g’. Not your short ass Indian guy. He was about 5’11” / spoke with and Indian accent but called told to “take a seat “DAHLS”. .It sounded so funny. I sear to God I couldn’t stop staring at this guy. Some of them are really handsome. Ruggedly handsome like Imran Khan . He told me to come back if I have any problems and he’ll fix it and said his name is ‘NOSH” You have to hand it to them they get all those jobs because they can handle loads of abuse and never get flustered.

  5. Oh and just an update. I was off the air for 3 days in mid January all because one of their technicians accidentally disconnected my phone line during a call to a neighbour’s house…first they told me there was a problem in the area…turned out to be crap…then they told me to disconnect all my devices…etc etc etc…3 days later…after being put on hold many, many times for ever and ever and ever and ever (I won’t go on……..) another technician rocked up and admitted they had accidentally pulled the plug on me….not a happy little hoggy…oink

  6. Seems it didn’t stop you from posting 320 things today. haha

  7. you pullin’ the piss Bearman? 🙂

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