Miss Me Yet ?

Oh those folk in Wyoming, Minnesota sure do have a sense of humor. A group of small business owners from rural Minnesota have all chipped in to erect a billboard featuring George W and the words “Miss me yet?”. Evidently they are none too happy about the way things are going in Washington. Take a friggin ticket!


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3 responses to “Miss Me Yet ?

  1. Oh yeah, things were SO much better when Dubya was around …

  2. G

    Of course they were. At least he was willing to work with the opposition, unlike the messiah who didn’t want to work with the oppostion, and now has to because the people from Massachussetts elected…gasp…a Republican!

  3. Hell NO! I do not miss you Dubbya. The mere idea of your return makes me mildly depressed, so I’m going to swallow a placebo to feel better. What? Didn’t you hear? Recent research says a placebo is as good as anti-depressant drugs for the mildly depressed. The majority of folks who are depressed are in that mild category and all those billions of dollars didn’t help any more than a sugar pill. Read more at:


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