Toddler Tattoo

Too bad her name doesn't start with A!

Oh for crying out loud, who the hell tattoos a one year old’s rear end? Hmm, seems Lee Deitrick does. Yes, Deitrick from Louisville, who isn’t the girl’s daddy, has been accused of  tattooing the letter “A” on her butt while she  was visiting his house. Despite Deitrick’s granny saying the tatt was just a “a wee-little hairline” if convicted he could face 5 years in the big house. Well, it could have been worse, he could have put the whole word !

Psst I hope he did a neat job!


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16 responses to “Toddler Tattoo

  1. The Celtic Queen

    OMG That is just dreadful. Poor baby!

  2. Susi Spice

    well how about to even things out… we tatoo the A on his balls?

  3. It’s bad enough when these idiot parents get their baby earrings. Someone should tattoo his head with ‘Do Not Breed.’

    • Oh I am glad you said that Scott. I hate it when parents get their baby’s ears pierced too!!

      • The Celtic Queen

        Still it’s way better than tatts. Where does it end with babies? I hate circumcision but others do it because daddy’s done. Big deal!!
        I think that’s barbaric too but it’s accepted for many reasons. I think personally it may be cleaner but it’s still not really necessary.

      • Susi Spice

        i will be circumcising my boys when i have them. i strongly dislike uncircumcised ones… 😛

      • The Celtic Queen

        Susi, spoken like and true expert lol and yes you’re right, this is personal choice. I just feel for the baby.

      • Susi Spice

        hahahaha celtic … expert? who u been talking to about me?? LOONY!??? 😛 haha

      • Blahahaha maybe parents should wait until their little snowflakes are 18 before getting the snip …just a thought 🙂

  4. So, a combination of GBH and child sexual abuse only earns 5 years! Hell/handcart/herwecome…

  5. Julie

    He was teaching her the alphabet 🙄

  6. Let’s see on the news proximity to Bearman – 1 hour 45 minutes to Louisville.

  7. The Celtic Queen

    I hope he goes for longer and I wish many more tattoo artists were going with him.

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