Do You Mind Peeing In This Cup?

I'll give you a buck to pee in this cup!

Seriously gross. A California man has been arrested after he tried to buy urine off two schoolboys at the Pacific Elementary School toilets. Neither of the two boys approached were willing to part with their pee for the several bucks offered. Police suspect the man was after the urine to pass his drug tests. Anywho, he’s been arrested.


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20 responses to “Do You Mind Peeing In This Cup?

  1. The Celtic Queen

    How much was he offering? lol

  2. Susi Spice


    ps can any of you lovely computer literate ppl tell me why my gravatar has not changed? i changed it yesterday uploaded the new pic 3 times and sporadically it shows the one i want (bratz picture) but other times it reverts back to the old one… WHY!??? stupid wordpress.

    • It depends on what email address you log in on 🙂

    • The Celtic Queen

      Geez Susi you need to post a warning, I like your other one better
      These gravatars drive you nuts. I changed mine and it kept going back even with the email address being correct but then I got the square coloured box thing for half a day then it went back all by itself to ” My Crown”. I ask you, as if life isn’t complicated enough eh?

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Log right out of your system, shut it down completely then log back in and see what happens.

  4. The Celtic Queen

    Duncan is you gravatar symbolic in anyway? I love GOLLIWOGS, there I said it and I don’t care. Golliwog Golliwog Golliwog

    • Susi Spice

      LOL celtic… i dont know why ppl say its a bad thing. i dont get it. I remember learning a poem about a golliwog in primary school. isnt it just a rag doll??? wats bad about a rag doll?

      • The Celtic Queen

        Golliwog is politically incorrect but not to me lol I love them.
        I don’t know what the new name for them is either.

    • My surname’s Robertson and that’s a Robertson Gollywog (like the ones you used to find on jars of Robertson Jam before they decided it was politically incorrect)

      Bought it on our honeymoon 20 yrs ago. The teddy belonged to my wife. She had it as a wee girl and kept it to the end.

      It’s a temp gravatar until I find something else. (Got something in mind but haven’t found the right picture yet)

    • Anne, why not call them short assed Indian Golliwogs and be done with it?…oink

  5. The Celtic Queen

    See Dunc if you knew Susi like I know Susi oh oh oh Oh what a girl lol I wouldn’t get rid of cookies either. by the way have you tasted Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. TO DIE FOR!!

  6. Here’s where he got the idea of using a schoolboy’s piss as his own to beat a urine test for drugs

  7. See my comment on this at MH, saves typing it twice…

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