The Problem With High Heels

I am telling you, a stiletto through the eye is going to friggin hurt. Gavin Taylor and his girlfriend Staci Hargreaves were in a taxi having spent the night out in Huddersfield, West Yorks, when they began quarreling. One thing lead to another and Staci allegedly grabbed her stiletto and plunged it into Gavin’s eye. The blow being so harsh the shoe is believed to have pierced his eye, traveled through his eye socket and touched his brain! That’s the problem with those damn high heels,   had it been a flat heel he would have simply had a headache. Anywho, Mr Taylor is recovering in hospital and Ms Hargreaves in a heap of trouble.


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7 responses to “The Problem With High Heels

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Nasty!! I saw a movie about something similar but he got in the temple by a girl who was trying to look like his girlfriend. She cut her hair and dyed it red like his G, snuck into his bed and gave him a head job. One thing lead to another and she murdered him with her stiletto. Good movie !

  2. That’s the first thing I thought of too, “Single White Female”.

  3. ROB


  4. I never took my shoe an hit him in the eye. My shoes never left my feet. At least got the story correct. Thank you.

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