Chocolate Would Have Been Fine

OK it was manure, but you get the drift!

Nothing says “I love you” better than a big pile of shit. Hmm, well so says Minnesota farmer Bruce Andersland who spent two days making a half a mile heart out of manure for his wife of 37 years. I bet she was impressed. Yes, Bruce grabbed his tractor and shit spreader and made the symbol of love in his snow covered field as a Valentine’s Day gift. His wife Beth said it was the biggest and most original Valentine she had ever received. Here’s hoping he doesn’t try to top it!


Filed under Friggin Awesome, Friggin Gross, Friggin Hilarious

8 responses to “Chocolate Would Have Been Fine

  1. The Celtic Queen

    No chocolates no flowers – no shit!

  2. We once met a farmer in Scotland who gave his wife two highland cattle calves as a wedding anniversary present…

  3. Have I told you about the time I got a piece of 10 million year old dinosaur shit as a present…it was a bit hard by the time I got it…in fact it was a friggin rock…oink

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