Spelling Mistake On Chilean Coins

You know what is worse than a Chilean mint spelling the name of it’s country wrong on their peso coins? The fact it  took over a year before anyone noticed. The 2008 batch spelled CHILE, CHIIE but it wasn’t spotted by anyone until late 2009. The mint’s general manager Gregorio Iniguez, and several other employees have been sacked over the incident. Meanwhile people have been hoarding the coins hoping they will become valuable. Hmm, Chilean coins…good luck with that!


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9 responses to “Spelling Mistake On Chilean Coins

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Gees it was only one letter, what’s all the fuss about? Some people just take things too seriously.

  2. I don’t know how big that coin is, but I doubt if I would have noticed the mistake either.

  3. Susi Spice

    well they might one day… if they pass them down from generation to generation! haha

    i guess the story of using the lower case l instead of the capital L didnt fly huh?

  4. they need a beating for this…who does that?

  5. And it took them a year to figure it out?

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  7. I go along with you actually, I presume! Will it become likely for you to have your web blog translated in Chinese? English is actually my own second language.

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