Body Odor Proof Clothes

Now all you need is something for your breath!

Well, well, well, stink proof clothing for the Aussie market, how charming. Yes, King Gee are introducing “steel” shirts which are treated with some kind of chemical that makes the fabric odor destroying. Evidently it seeks out the stink elements of your BO and neutralizes the smell. To release the body odor all you have to do is  simply wash it…hmm, so your washing machine cops it! The really clever thing about this “smart clothing” is that it won’t neutralize your perfume or smoke, just stench. So I’m guessing  it doesn’t absorb farts? Hmm, no mention on how safe those chemicals are!

Psst Here’s a simpler solution, use friggin deodorant!


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4 responses to “Body Odor Proof Clothes

  1. Or people could try this brand new technological breakthrough…..wait for it…..water and freaking soap. Society can not actually be getting this lazy….?

    • I swear Scott we are the laziest dumbassed generation ever.

      • The Celtic Queen

        I was complaining to a friend that I hate washing and ironing tablecloths. I have a glass kitchen table that looks like that splash back glass but I have to use them as it scratches and she said , ,”Oh just take them all to the dry cleaner”. Yeah right!!

  2. Steel shirts? Doesn’t sound too comfortable… even if they do leave you fresh smelling.

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