You Gotta Get The Spelling Right!

OK, one more time Anna Bligh (Queensland Premier), the President of the United States’ name is spelled Barack not Barrack. So if you wanted Obama to visit your State during his visit to Australia you should have maybe  had someone proof read the official invitation before it was sent to the White House. Awkward!


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4 responses to “You Gotta Get The Spelling Right!

  1. Susi Spice

    bbaaahhahahhaha LOL

    “barrack… i guess that’s close enough”
    “yeah that’ll do luv..”

  2. Talk about embarrassing moments, well on the other hand at least she was able to get the Presidents attention. =))

  3. “I have no respect for a man that can only spell a word one way.” Mark Twain

  4. Oh, and with a name like that it really doesn’t matter much anyway, who would you confuse him with?
    Eye mean really, we aket like spilling is so emportent an that we woodn’t no what peepole were sain unless the spilling is just write. Sumtimes this puts me write ovr the edge. The problem is the peepole thet kan’t reed spilling not the peepole that spill things.

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