Jesus Fails On eBay

OMG, well Jesus to be exact, failed to make an impression on eBayers. Hmm loons, didn’t I mention that the face of Jesus appeared on the toilet door of some dude from Wichita, Kansas? Whoops, guess not!  Anywho, the dude  whacked it on eBay and guess what? It made jack. Yes, despite all the proceeds of the “Jesus on a bathroom door”  being donated  to the earthquake victims of Haiti it failed to even reach the reserve price of 99 cents! I am guessing no one wants to do their business with Jesus staring at them!

Is that Jesus?


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16 responses to “Jesus Fails On eBay

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Did Jesus wear glasses?

  2. These “Jesus in a Potato” and “Jesus in a tree” phenomena never fail to amaze me. I mean, who the heck knows what Jesus looks like?

    Whenever I look at them, all I see is Grizzly Adams.

  3. griffin

    It looks like someone has been using too many of these.

  4. Haha! Talk about performance anxiety!

  5. That doesn’t look like what I think Jesus would look like. It looks like Teddy Roosevelt with a flag behind him to me. Maybe he can re-label and make some money for Haiti.

  6. I vote for Sadam Hussein.

    He must be trying to escape from Hell through that piece of wood. He’s probably causing the earthquakes in Haiti too.


  7. Tony

    Looks like Ned Kelly to me

  8. Is it me or does the face look horrified?

    I suppose being etched onto the door of a shitter can only lead to witnessing some pretty horrifying things.

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