Jesus On A Burning Log

Stop the presses people, we have a flaming Jesus on a log. Yes, Rob Millist says the 4.5 inch face appeared on a burning log and remained glowing for 20 minutes before disintegrating into ash. Oh my, just in time for Ash Wednesday. The face of Jesus appeared in the fireplace of his partner’s mother’s fireplace in Old Hatfield, Herts.


Filed under Evolution Be Damned!, Friggin Awesome, Join the skeptic club!, Well I Never

4 responses to “Jesus On A Burning Log

  1. Jim Morrison is Jesus? Whodathunk?

  2. I’m never very impressed with these ‘manifestations’.

    I always think it shows a certain lack of ambition in the Almighty God 🙄

    Now if I was the Big Chief, I wouldn’t waste time and effort arranging for images of Jesus, and Mary to appear in front of folk that already believe in me. Instead, I’d have them popping up in front of atheists, and adherents of other religions – to scare the living daylights out of the buggers and encourage them to join my gang 😆

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