Dumbass From Down Under

We have a winner, stand up Melbourne’s dumbest crim…. Andrew Bawden. Within an hour, yes an hour, of Mr Bawden being bailed over a series of break-ins he was back at it. Oh yes indeedy. He robbed cars, houses, offices and even a cathedral. That was, until he dropped his police charge sheet at one of the crime scenes. Awkward. His next stop he dropped a DVD containing his police interview. Unlucky. Police arrested the bright spark soon after. Bawden pleaded guilty to about 30 friggin counts and with bail denied.


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8 responses to “Dumbass From Down Under

  1. One would imagine an IQ test would reveal the test on him to be a total waste of time.

  2. Too funny! But as my brother-in-law says, crime ain’t rocket science – which is why most criminals are just plain stupid.

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