Seagull Hooked on Doritos

Even the seagulls are finding it tough in this economy. If I recall the owners placed the gull’s favorite snack, Tangy Cheese Doritos, on the lower shelf so they were easier to pinch. Nothing worse than a hyperactive seagull to deal with!


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5 responses to “Seagull Hooked on Doritos

  1. An oldie but a goodie! 🙂

  2. Counter Culture Clown

    Honestly, still one of my all-time favorite videos on the internet. That seagull is the shiznit.

    ^.^ It’s even better that they just film it and don’t do anything. I bet if it was a tiger stealing a baby, they’d still film it.

    “Dude, we should do something…”

    “No no no wait, keep filming, we’ll get up to 10,000 hits on YouTube for sure with this one!”

  3. You mean you can get cheesy Doritos for free? Damn!

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