UFO Worm Hole Cloud Over Mexico

OMG everybody panic…AGAIN! A UFO has left the building Earth. OK, there is 10 minutes of footage which means the UFO’s were taking there own sweet time. Cocky little shits doing it in broad daylight. The footage, which most would say is simply a cloud, has UFO believers excited. The footage was shot in Mexico and looks similar to the Russian cloud which we all panicked about last year.

Psst I’d pack your bags just in case this is the mother ship loons!


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7 responses to “UFO Worm Hole Cloud Over Mexico

  1. hmmm, maybe they are coming to get us all so when 2012 comes we will be gone! rofl

  2. Susi Spice

    well if 2012 is the end of the world as the aztecs predicted I am glad I have done the following before the end of the world comes:
    1. had sex and gotten married.
    2. believe in God and therefore ive hedged my bets lol when I die then i know i am going to a good place.
    3. told a boss they sucked and walked away happy.
    4. did not shave legs for a week and it was glorious!

  3. cmblake6

    Sacred fecal matter! That is a rather “unusual” thing indeed.

  4. Now that is pretty cool looking wonder how the clouds made that kind of a formation…great find loon!!

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