Bath Time For Kitty

OMG, a sphynx cat taking a bath… priceless.  My cat taking a bath…. hours at the casualty ward! See Susi Spice cats can be cute!


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5 responses to “Bath Time For Kitty

  1. The Celtic Queen

    That’s really something. I’ve never had a cat that liked water. Tillie hates it too. My daughter’s cat on the other hand loves to sit on the edge of her bath while she’s in it and she splashes him with water and he likes that lol. I just had to pick up a hose in the yard and mine used to disappear.

  2. Susi Spice

    ok ur definition and my definition of cute are very different……

    but if i cant say anything nice i wont say anything at all….


  3. Awwww. I’m not really a cat person, but that’s just adorable!

  4. I’ve never considered a Sphinx cat “cute”, but this was amusing. Still… don’t be sending any cats to me… this CatLady don’t do cats!

    • The Celtic Queen

      And here was me thinking that’s what your name was all about lol.
      I get cat’s usually by default then they live forever lol. We’ve had two which were strays and they lived to he each 15 years old.

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