Holy Loaded Gun Batman

If you are going to get shot, a gun safety class in a church is good a place as any I guess. Just ask Robert Frauman Jr, he was shot in the foot by his instructor during his concealed weapons certification class at Summit church. The NRA were quick to add that  ammunition is strictly forbidden during classes. Oh boy, instructor Michael Phillips will have some explaining to do then. As for the church, they say they won’t be having no more classes like that again!


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9 responses to “Holy Loaded Gun Batman

  1. He left a Holy Holey in the guy. i’m BAAAAAAAACK

  2. The Celtic Queen

    How did your week pan out?

  3. At first I thought this was an American church. If they’re not allowing gun safety classes, then it sure ain’t Amurikan!

  4. Susi Spice

    is he related to the other guy who made his congregation watch gay porn?

    • The Celtic Queen

      Yeah some people would do anything to get the crowd in wouldn’t they? Gay porn, shootings, they take things to the extremes don’t you think? I’m just saying …..it’s not everywhere you see that kind of stuff now is it? .. lol No wonder Jesus is taken to the fags and booze.

  5. Better than shooting yourself in the foot!

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