UFO Files Censored

Last week after a great deal of hullabaloo from the general pubic about freedom of information yada, yada, yada, the British government released the Ministry of Defence UFO files. And we are talking friggin files upon files dating from 1994-2000.Weird alien abductions, flying saucers, strange skin rashes, tubes of light,you name it, its all there for all the world to see. So anywho, you would have thought it would have shut the x-filers up for a while. Nope, no sirree, now they are now bitching about the “blacked out” bits. Hmm, seems the “uncomplimentary comments”, made by military and police (where I assume they were pulling the piss big time) have been edited out. Oh boo, that would have been the most entertaining part. However, some of the more suspicious and cynical buffs believe there is more to the censoring of the files. Of course!

Psst To all you UFO buffs, click here for the Ministry of Defence  files and knock yourself out!


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9 responses to “UFO Files Censored

  1. The Celtic Queen

    We should be made aware of all things alien. The ghost I saw in the 60s had a very alien appearance m being small, huge eyes and friggin scary as hell. I think everyone should see something in their lifetime. Nobody can’t make you believe but if you see, you’ll undoubtedly believe. Even if it serves no other purpose other than to let us know WE RE NOT ALONE.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Oops sorry forgot to correct once again, it should be ‘can’ make you believe. Loon I need you to proof read all my posts lol I just get too lazy.

  3. Susi Spice

    the truth………………………………….. is out there………

    maybe this Reverend Short is communication via mental Skype with Korton after all…. i love this clip LOL i had to repost it. still makes me laugh every time.

  4. Deborah Hart

    WOW! I gotta say, that was the 1st. time I have ever seen or heard of this guy, or Korton. Not quite sure how to respond. I have visions of a race of folks dressed in medieval regalia, complete with crowns! Off with their heads-lol!

  5. Soooo … I still want to know …. do aliens bonk?

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