Honey, Why Is There A Knife In Your Neck?

It's a growing phenomenon!

When a man from Wodonga in Victoria hopped into bed his wife wanted to know why there was blood spurting from his neck all over the clean sheets. The man then admitted he had been in a fight but had no idea he had been injured. When the paramedics arrived they broke the bad news to him, a blade had broken off in his neck and it was millimeters from his spine. Now there’s a very slow ride  to the Royal Melbourne hospital.


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6 responses to “Honey, Why Is There A Knife In Your Neck?

  1. The Celtic Queen

    God more washing, I don’t know lol I’m just saying…. as if there’s not enough to do

  2. Cazzie

    Yeppers, poor bloke. He is one lucky person.. I don’t mean to have been stabbed, I mean for it to have been discovered and have missed the vitals aye.

  3. How pissed have you got to be not to realise you’ve been stabbed, and are walking around with half the knife still stuck in your neck?

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