Make It Stop!!!!!

To the neighbors of Amanda Millard we can only has at a guess how you coped listening to the Banana Splits theme at full volume for the past three years (cause that will mess with your head!). Ms Millard played the cartoon tune at full blast in her Brighton’s Pope’s Court flat despite warning letters, complaints and a Noise Abatement Notice. Even the Brighton & Hove City Council’s noise patrol officers verified that she was playing that damn song over and over again at unacceptable levels. Hopefully the £250 fine might put an end to the neighbors friggin nightmare. La-la-la-lala-la-la

Psst For those not familiar with the Banana Splits, here’s what they have been listening to for three friggin years….


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4 responses to “Make It Stop!!!!!

  1. Lynn

    i loved this show as a kid but i cannot imagine hearing hours and hours of this song being played for three years!! wonder why she did that?

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Three hours would have been too long Loon KABOOM ! I’m surprised someone didn’t throttle her before the 3 years was up.

  3. griffin

    Has anyone checked to see if she is still alive? Just a thought.

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