Theme Park Takes The Piss

That should do it!

OMG,  Thorpe’s theme park in Surrey is taking the piss, literally. They want people to submit a urine sample, yes that’s right, they want your widdle so they can find UK’s most pungent smelling wee for a brand new attraction, SAW Alive. If you happen to have the most stinking piss they will give you £500 and recreate your stench for the horror maze. Lineup, line up, line up. Laura Sinclair,Thorpe Park’s entertainments manager, will be the lucky little soul who will choose the grossest piss for the park “We’ve begun creating some of the stenches of SAW Alive but need the help of the public to create the most realistic and unsavoury urine odour. We are looking for a sample that will really get the public gagging.” Well loons, any volunteers?


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4 responses to “Theme Park Takes The Piss

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Ewh that is friggin gross !

  2. Susi Spice

    all they need to do is give $1 to some homeless people who obviously are drunk off their tits and theyll get wat they want

  3. Now that’s entertainment.

  4. Too bad they can’t bottle farts…you would be a winner hands (or pants) down.

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