No Clowning Around In Tampa

Friggin Bozo!

What the hell has Tampa got against clowns? A man has been arrested after he was spotted walking down the street wearing a clown mask and bright wig. The man who was with two other non clowns was taken into custody by a deputy and charged with “wearing a mask or hood” on a public road. Little Red Riding Hood, you better watch your back!


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6 responses to “No Clowning Around In Tampa

  1. Maybe the deputy has supressed memories from childhood.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Yeah come people hate clowns

    • The Celtic Queen

      I remember in Scotland there were holiday camps there. ” Billy Butlins and I think in some parts they still do exist. Well they had shows on in the middle of the day for us kids and there was a gorilla running around the theatre and I remember being terrified of this black hairy thing. I still don’t like things in dress ups. Yeah and them too Loon lol

  2. Well if there wasn’t a circus in town, or a fancy dress party – I think I may also be a tad suspicious of a dude waltzing down the street dressed to kill!

  3. I’ve seen Stephen Kings IT and I wouldn’t take any chances šŸ˜¦

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