Friggin Suicide Jumpers

The price you have to pay for landing on a 7 year old girl in a failed suicide attempt is 100,000 roubles it seems. A Russian court has ordered a man, who jumped from a 9th storey window and landed on the little girl, to pay for her medical bills. She was in hospital for months after she had the misfortune of standing on the street below when he leaped.


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4 responses to “Friggin Suicide Jumpers

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Geez I’m surprised she wasn’t killed.

  2. Serously, how bad would that suck?

    (For her, I mean.) He deserves it for trying to kill himself where some innocent bystander would see him and be scarred for life.

  3. My suggestion? Clear the area, then throw the moron off the building.

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