Epic McDonalds Fail

WTF, are you sure you are talking McDonalds here ? Looks more like a McKFC boo boo to me!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Gross, Friggin Hilarious, I'm Just Saying !, Whoops!

7 responses to “Epic McDonalds Fail

  1. So, like, who’s complaining about a little head?

  2. “McDonald’s chicken wings”? I’ve never seen chicken wings at McDonald’s. I’ve seen nugget type things that are allegedly made of chicken parts, though. I’d think McDonald’s would be happy to have the chicken content of said nuggets substantiated.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Imagine the poor kid that got that.
    Eat your chicken kids
    But mum!!!!!………
    I’ m just saying …..

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