Death of an Osmond

Marie Osmond’s son Michael Blosil is believed to have committed suicide Friday night by jumping out of his apartment building in LA. A rep for the Osmonds say the family is devastated and the Donny and Marie show has been canceled in Las Vegas until further notice. Michael was said to have been suffering from depression for a long time  and had spent time in a  rehab center a few years ago. Michael, who is one of 8 siblings, was adopted by Marie and her then music producer husband  Brian Blosil (they  adopted 5 children during their marriage). In 2006  it was rumored Marie also tried to kill herself,  though her publicists claimed it was a bad reaction to medication.  A suicide note was left but it is believed to have been addressed to a woman he knew in the apartment complex and not to his family. RIP Michael,  another life gone too soon.

Psst Remember people, if you’re feeling depressed please seek help whether it is through a stranger or friend.

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  1. The Celtic Queen

    Ah suicide again. This is so a sad. Young lives wasted and the ones they leave behind tortured as to “WHY ? ”
    This is so so sad.

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