Friggin Hurt Locker


Whoopsie daisy, about 20 Taliban terrorists have kaboomed themselves while laying booby trap bombs. Hmm, so who’s the boob now, huh? Yes, the highly sensitive Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) have proved too much for some of the terrorists, who continue to accidentally detonate them while in the process of hiding them. So does that mean they still get 72 virgins?


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8 responses to “Friggin Hurt Locker

  1. I just saw Hurt Locker two night ago; great movie. I think if the terrorists accidentally detonate themselves, then the infidels have already won. And no, they only get two trany’s and a crack whore. It’s in the fine print.

  2. Is there anything in the contract telling these guys anything beyond the idea that they get 72 virgins? Perhaps it is their version of hell and they don’t realize it until they arrive…the first virgin says “no thank you” and 71 of her friends stand behind her and dare him to try.

  3. griffin

    It doesn’t say that those virgins are female or young. You don’t see bin laden getting in line for his.

  4. They get 72 virgins who “just want to be friends”.

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