Sell Crazy Somewhere Else

Go away, you don't exist!

You know if a friggin alien taps you on the shoulder in Britain there soon won’t be a damn thing you can do about it. All hail the British Defense Ministry who have declared war on those crazy UFO sighting people. They have announced that from now on any of you fruitcakes who’ve spied some friggin flying saucer hovering around your backyard,  seen an alien crop circling or you’ve been abducted and anally probed your  initially report will be taken seriously AND put  on file but only for 30 days . After that, you are on your own, the file will be destroyed and any chance of creditability will be erased.
The reasoning behind this is the British government see this service as a waste of defense resources.Really? Hmm, it sounds more like the ministry wants the info exempt from freedom of information laws which has allowed campaigners to force the government to disclose details of apparent UFO encounters. Ya think?  Wakey, wakey, it’s the friggin 21st century, just type or scan  the report onto your computer and viola…there forever. Gosh, do I have to show you everything? Aliens 1, true believers 0.


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2 responses to “Sell Crazy Somewhere Else

  1. The Celtic Queen

    We are not alone !! Loon and if I ever see anything else I’ll be damned if I’m sharing. it. Hopefully I will have my camera at hand and will film it then hand it to Spielberg. At least that way it would stand a chance of being documented in one way of another.

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