Who The Hell Is Justin Bieber?

Seems in a three year old’s world, Justin Bieber is bigger than the Wiggles, who knew? Little Cody cried her little heart out when talking about her hero…whoever he friggin is….and them mommy posted it on Youtube for us all to enjoy!

Psst Oh boy, when little Cody grows up, she is going to be hell embarrassed!


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9 responses to “Who The Hell Is Justin Bieber?

  1. The Celtic Queen

    I hope they’re looking for a good therapist.

  2. Susi Spice

    i saw some music video with that justin berber kid… prob some rich kid whose dad got some awesome dirt on some music producer and blackmailed him into making his son a star in exchnge for his silence.. pathetic

  3. The Celtic Queen

    This is he. I can’t get over the three year old saying , “I’m in love with him and he loves me back”.

  4. I love her sister trying not to laugh…

  5. Oooh by the way she got her wish, Justin Bieber (whoever he is) publicity stunted her by rocking up at the family home. Best friggin advertising he’ll ever get.

  6. Another groupie in the making.

  7. Ashley

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!! OMG did u know that u can submit him a Birthday Wish? If not, log on to http://www.q102.com. I swear he WILL see it! 🙂

  8. Susi Spice

    ok i think there are bigger problems here.

    The three year old said “im in love with him and he is in love with me”… hmmmmm i think this kid will end up in a mental institution after becoming a right old dangerous celebrity stalker…

    id be having my kid psychologically evaluated

    its not cute. Its worrying!

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