Here’s A Friggin Story

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, you are such a biatch! Seems that lesbian denying Eve Plumb hasn’t forgiven Maureen McCormick for spilling the beans on her in  Here’s The Story autobiography. No seriously she is pissed. So much so she is refusing to be in the same room with her (obviously she isn’t quite over the whole lesbi thingy) which kinda makes the NBC reunion seem pointless because she has declared herself a no show. Hmm, probably the reason why the whole thing has been canned. McCormick claimed in her book she and Plumb had an on-set sexual relationship (ewh, incest), something Plumb has adamantly denied. Geez, makes Barry Williams (Greg Brady) and Florence Henderson’s (Mrs Brady) date seem pathetic. Did I mention McCormick also had a fling with Williams as well. Marcia sure was a slut!


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5 responses to “Here’s A Friggin Story

  1. Lynn

    jan was always my favorite anyway. i didn’t know about the whole jan marcia thing, you see the kinds of things one can learn from a friggin loon?

  2. Marcia always seem to have an attitude. Glad to see nothings changed.

  3. On set?? Where the cameras rolling??

  4. The Celtic Queen

    I never really was a fan of the Brady Bunch, too much action going on under the one roof for my liking ! Obviously!!
    Who’d have known?

    There were four of us kids and nothing was ever ironed out quite that smoothly.

    “Jan you have to apologies to your sister so go on now.”.
    Oh mom do I really have to?
    “Yes Jan, you have to it’s the right thing to do”.
    “Oh alright them, I’ll go upstairs now and tell her I’m sorry, thank you mom”.

    I mean come on, what kind of kids spoke like that even then? lol

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