The Kitty and the Peas

Can someone get me a snuggie blanket please?

The difference between me and the kitten who spent 4 weeks in a UK warehouse in friggin sub zero temperatures eating frozen peas and licking frost  is,  I wouldn’t have survived. I hate friggin peas and will pick them out of any dish I find them in! Anywho, despite the little black and white kitty, now nicknamed Frosty, losing both ears and his tail from frostbite, he’s alive and being spoiled rotten at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester.


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9 responses to “The Kitty and the Peas

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Great that he survived Loon I hope enjoys the rest of his Lives. lol. Poor Puddy tat.
    I’d definitely get it it’s own little cat snuggy.. I just love the happy ending.

  2. I misread this as kitty and the pees! We have two moggies who have taken to peeing and crapping all over our flower beds. Shall a make a gun profile with my fist and shoot the feckers?

  3. Counter Culture Clown

    More proof that kittens are better than humans. Of course, here is my question: WHAT is a kitten doing in a warehouse full of frozen peas in England?

  4. Lynn

    give peas a chance loon.

  5. S. Le

    So have you also lost your ears and tail? (go back and read your first sentence.) I’m a literalist.

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