Korean Man Marries His Pillow

Oh for crying out loud weird Korean man, marrying your pillow is wrong. OK, the pillow has the Japanese anime girl Fate Testarossa on it, but still, wrong! Prior to the nuptials the couple went to a theme park and rode the rollercoaster and then later they went out to dinner. The man then stuffed Testarossa into a wedding dress for the ceremony and said their I dos. Wanna see the wedding photo? Here it is at Topless Robot.

Psst At least he will get a good night sleep after having some pillow talk ! Geez, I hope Testarossa doesn’t fade, that could get ugly.


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15 responses to “Korean Man Marries His Pillow

  1. The pillows probably more fun than some of the women I’ve dated šŸ˜¦

  2. what does his new mother in law look like ?

  3. Tony

    I think it’s romantic…
    True love knows no bounds. Although she does look a bit bloated in the wedding photo, maybe losing a few pounds would help.
    If it doesn’t work out he will save big bucks on the divorce, just chuck her up on the roof & get a new pillow from K-Mart

  4. The Celtic Queen

    He looks like he’s squeezing the stuffing out of her ….. Blugh!!!

  5. Anonymous

    talk about forever alone

  6. He only has the one?Last night on SBS there was a show about guys who live with dolls. Have sex with them sleep with them, wash them, change them, buy them wigs. LOVE them like a woman. Spray their perfume on for them when they take them out. One guy had eight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They weren’t your run of the mill blow ups they had breasts, vaginas, pubic hair which can be replaced when it gets rubbed off.. l LMAO when he showed us the replacement patch. Apparently Swedish people have no problem donating their pubes. Maybe they need to get that guy in the indian restaurant. Now it turns out this guy got a chick and at his birthday party his intentions were to introduce her to his dolls… two at a time kind of. She didn’t know he had eight. When interviewed she said she was comfortable for him to use the dollies. Lol. At the end of the show it said they’d parted company… a week later…. any wonder? They actually showed you him cleaning the dolly with a bottle brush. Guess which part? GROSS I tell ya gross! Guess where he lives??? Did you see it Loon, Susi?

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