A Close Shave

Why is there a razor on your lap Miss?

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper said a two car pile up was caused by a woman attempting to  shave her privates while driving. Geez, and I thought texting was bad. Evidently Megan Mariah Barnes was meeting her boyfriend and wanted to look nice! Oh and it gets better, her ex hubby (don’t ask, I have no idea)  who was sitting in the passenger seat, grabbed the wheel while she shaved away at her pubes. Anywho, she slammed into the back of a Chevrolet (ooh an instant Brazilian!). Thankfully no one or nothing was seriously  injured in the crash, oh except some dignity. After the accident Barnes and her ex drove a little further up the road in an attempt to swap seats but the trooper could tell by in injuries sustained by one of the airbags deploying who was actually driving. Oh and you want to know the real bummer? The day before the accident Barnes was in court for a DUI charge in which her license was revoked for 5 years. Oh dear she is now facing jail time.


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3 responses to “A Close Shave

  1. Susi Spice

    why didnt she just shave BEFORE she got in the car OR let her ex drive??? idiot. she prob didnt even shower…

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Well someone had to hold the mirror didn’t they?

  3. She probably got a mohiccan now …

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